Don’t worry, we make the whole process very simple for our customers.  Below is a list of services that we offer, but if you are unsure what you need exactly, its okay. Our experienced sales team will ensure that you get what you are looking for at an extraordinary price!

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Graphic Design Services:

1. Graphic Design Consultation: Let our experienced graphic design team help you with your artwork. Even if you just have a design in mind, we can help bring it to life. Also, we let all of our customers keep original artwork that we design for them so they can use it in the future, unlike most other companies out there.

2. Vectorization / Digitization: Do you have a blurry image that you drew by hand? Did you find an image that’s too small on Google, but wanted to print it? Our design team does full vectorization for all types of artwork : (Spot Colors, Gradients, half-tones, multi-color, sketches, etc). Nothing is too difficult for us to handle, so give us a call!

Printing Services:

1. Screen Printing – [Plastisol Ink]: This is the conventional way that most shirts are printed. Using this method is very cost-effective when printing large quantities. We usually suggest you go this route if your order is at least (1 dozen) 12 shirts!

2. Screen Printing – [Discharge/Water-Based]: Using this method, you get the real feeling of a Graphic Tee! The microfibers in the cotton are dyed using a chemical process to give you a printed shirt that has no ink on it. This process looks very professional, and is what the big companies like Express use to have their graphic tees printed. You cannot feel the ink on the shirt when you run your hand across it. Very Professional! We are one of the few facilities that can do this process for you, especially if you are starting your own brand!

3. Foil Printing: Use Foil Printing if you have Gold, Metallic, Bronze, or any other vibrant color in your design! We can use a reflective foil process that really gives the shirt that shimmer and shine. It will stand out well and look very professional!

4. Vinyl Press: High quality vinyl material is precision cut to your design specification using computer software. Then, we heat press the vinyl cutouts to your shirts to create your design! This method does not require a set up process which makes it very cost effective when printing lower quantities. Also, the quality of the print is very high, giving off a nice reflective look! We recommend this method for quantities between 1 – 25 or so.

5. Digital Printing: Digital printing is one of the new modern techniques. The same way when you print to a piece of paper from your computer, we can print onto your t-shirt. The main difference in doing a digital print is that you cannot feel the design on your shirt at all, the ink gets embedded into the microfibers of cotton in the shirt. This method does not require setup fees, and is cost-effective at all quantities.


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